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Neu auf Social Europe: Interaktionsarbeit und Aggressionen

Neuer Blog-Beitrag von Nadja Dörflinger, Jonas Wehrmann und Kolleginnen auf "Social Europe" (SE): "Gloves off: aggression towards frontline workers"

Datum 21.06.2023

Frontline staff are facing rising aggression. Employers need to reduce risks and provide support.

In many European countries in recent years, an upsurge in violence has been reported against frontline workers, such as firefighters, emergency responders and police offers. In Germany, for example, there were many attacks last New Year’s Eve, causing ‘terrifying’ experiences for emergency staff. In the United Kingdom, a hospital trust reported a 17 per cent increase in a year in abuse of staff - by patients and members of the public - and over half of National Health Service staff report that such incidents have increased, year on year. This is in spite of numerous safety measures and interventions to reduce the toll.

It has become a feature particularly for frontline workers who regularly interact with members of the public and so become targets for aggressive behaviour. This can affect not only their individual mental and physical health but also the condition of their organisations, while placing a strain on society through increased welfare expenditure